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portrait packages

Portraits are timeless heirlooms that freeze a moment in time, and tell a story from the past, to the future viewers. They are gifts that will be passed down for generations to come, and will forever preserve the moment, and time captured. Let's create the perfect portraits for you and your loved ones! Below are the available experiences offered. 


Mini Portrait Experience


A 20 minute mini portrait session that is perfect for quick snap shots of you, or your family that gets you in and out. Perfect for little ones with short attention spans, or the busy family/person who just needs a few quickly curated portraits. Includes 5-8 final images from your shoot in your gallery.

Classic Portrait Experience


A 40 minute experience great for those who are looking for a little more detail than the mini session experience, but do not need extra wardrobe changes, or multiple poses/settings. Includes 12-15 images from your portrait shoot in your final gallery. 


Grande Portrait Experience


This full hour experience allows the time for more carefully crafted posing, and further attention to detail than the previous packages. This experience includes a wardrobe change, and all of the time needed to carefully curate your portrait experience. Includes between 20-30 final images in your gallery. 

Luxe Portrait Experience


This hour and a half portrait experience pays the most attention to detail, and allows time to carefully craft multiple poses, wardrobe changes, and locations, and includes every beautiful photo captured from your shoot in your final gallery. This is the perfect collection for bridal, boudoir and styled portrait experiences.



Ala carte options are also available for those who want to create their own unique portrait experience package.

Sitting Fee - $175 

Individual Prints with Digital Image- Starting at $25

Albums starting at $500

Folio Boxes Starting at $650

Call to learn more about products, pricing, and creating your own experience.

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